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Ken & Swaminarayan,

As I mention in the mail sent yesterday, that sloka quoted by swaminarayan,
of Gaudapada is GK III.16,

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> Dear Ken ji,
> My thousand and one apologies for having jumped from
> topic to topic.I appreciate the thought line behind
> your posts and fully agree with you.
> Firstly, I have to answer two querries raised by you:
> 1. Re Gaudspada quote,for the time being I can state
> that the verse I quoted comes in Chapter 3. As soon as
> I get hold of my copy I shall give you the verse
> number when I post my message next in this thread.
> 2. The 1st sloka Ch.4, as well as slokas 16 and 17
> mentioned by you do not seem to be in my copy of the
> Avadhut Gita.However, verse 21 mentioned by you as
> concluding Ch. 4 in your copy actually appears as
> concluding sloka 46 in Ch.3 in my book which reads as:
> "Muncha muncha hi samsaaramtyaagam muncha hi
> sarvathaa,
> tyaagaat tyaagavisham shuddhamamrutam sahajam dhruvam"
> Meaning:
> Renounce,renounce the mundane existance and then
> renounce completely even that renunciation. Give up as
> poison the egoistic idea of shunning or accepting the
> world. You are pure,simple,firm, and immortal.
> The reference I have of the Avadhut Gita of Dattatreya
> is translated by SwamiChetanananda,who in 1984, was
> the head of the Vedanta Society of St.Louis,U.S.A.
> This Avadhut Gita has 271 verses divided into 8
> Chapters.
> Could you kindly give me the sanskrit words in the
> 1st,16th and 17th slokas in the book you have.Maybe it
> is an abridged version giving only the most relevent
> of the verses sung by the Avadhuta?
> Secondly,I wish to inform you that I am still trying
> to analyse the Chitta part of our Internal Organ!The
> more references I seek for the usage of this part of
> our Sukshma Sharira I find that more and more of the
> commentators including Chinmyanandaji have commented
> on the Chitta equating it with Manas.
> Why? Even Gaudapada(Sorry for bringing this Acharya
> again into our discussion.I will most certainly give
> you the verse numbers in my next posting )has stated
> as follows leading me to believe that the Acharya does
> not seem to differentiate between Chitta and Manas!
> "Mano drishyamidam dwaitam yat kimcha charaacharam.
> Manaso hyamaneebhaave dvaitam naivopalabhyate."
> "Yada na leeyatae Chittam na cha vikshipyate punaha,
> Aninganam anaabhaasam nishpannam Brahma tat tada."
> Hari Om!
> Swaminarayan
> --- ken knight <hilken_98 at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
> > Namaste Swaminarayan,
> >
>  you have ignored my reply to
> > your Avadhut Gita quotes and jumped in on this
> > response of mine, taken it out of context, and now
> > given me another shloka from the karika without the
> > reference.
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