Shruti and logic

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> >From gauDapAda kArika, SankarA's introductory commentary
> >to Chapter 3 i.e., advaita prakaraNa.
> >
> >advaitaM kim AgamamAtrENa pratipattavyam AhOsvit tarkENApi
> >ityata aha - SakyatE tarkEnApi  j~nAtuM; tatkathamityadvaita-
> >prakaraNam ArabhyatE....
> >
> >Swami NikhilAnanda's translation.
> >
> >Now it is asked whether nonduality can be established only by
> >scriptural evidence or whether it can be proved by reasoning as well.
> >It is said in reply that it is possible to establish nonduality by
> >reasoning as well. How is it possible? This is shown in this chapter
> >of Advaita.
> But the thrust of the chapter is something else - it is about how the
> individual soul can be the same as other souls - like space in jars.

In the logic of advaitins there are six means of valid knowledge
(pramANa). 1. pratyaksha (perception), 2. anumAna (inference)
3. Agama (scripture) 4. upamAna (analogy) 5. arthApatti (accepting
a conclusion in order avoid absurdity) 6. anupalabdhi (non-
occurrence as a proof of non-existence).

In advaita prakaraNa the fourth pramANa upamAna is being used.



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I thought this link will be useful to us all.

On Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:49:39
 Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati wrote:
>Four Levels of Consciousness and three Domains of
>Consciousness in which those levels manifest are
>described in the following link:
>These are not merely abstract theories, but are
>practical principles used daily in Contemplation and
>Meditation. For a dedicated seeker of Self-Realization
>who wishes to tread the Advanced path of Yoga,
>Vedanta, and Tantra, these principles and associated
>practices of self-exploration and self-awareness are
>Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
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