Shruti and logic

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>  Since the realization of the entity (Self) resulting from the
>  intervention of knowledge produced by inference is indirect,
>  direct realization depends *only* on the vAkya (of the shruti).
>  (Sureshvara) thus resolves the issue raised by the opponent.

The *depends* should be highlighted in the above statement - shruti by
itself cannot cause realization - else everybody who reads the shruti will
be liberated. The shruti is the only valid *pointer* to reality as it
represents the experiences of sages who experienced reality - but by itself
since it is nothing but words and ideas it is in the realm of avidhya. As
Shankara himself says the shruti only instructs - it instructs us about the
changeless absolute which is part of our own identity, its qualities and
benefits to be had by experiencing it and also show us the path to
experience it. Atman jnaanam (brahma vid brahmaiva bhavati) is to be had
only by atma vichaaram which includes surrender at the end.

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Dear List Members,
Here is posting no. 9,  a quiz!
Best wishes to all,
-- Himanshu

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Advaita : Some Basic Explanations - 9 (Quiz!)
                                                -- Himanshu

Let us have some fun. In this posting we shall have a quiz!

A few Question to ponder on :
Please do contemplate on the following questions :

                                        <--- Total-space --->
        )         (                             V
      /             \
    /                 \
   (   pot-space       )
     \                / <--- pot

Questions :

0.      How would you define the "pot-space"?
        [ Hint : Are you assuming something about its shape?]

1.      Is "pot-space" same as "Total-space" or not? Or, what is the
        relationship between the two?

2.      If we fill water in the pot, which will replace or fill up
        "pot-space", why the water does not spread to "total-space"?

3.      By modern science, the structure of the pot (i.e. the clay out
        of which it is made) itself is mostly space. What is the
        relation between the "total-space" and *that* space?

4.      If we take up the Q.3 above, will our discussion at the same
        plane of reality as Q. 0 to 2?

A slightly more involved system :

Heavenly bodies             /~^~^\__
     *  O   *              | cloud  \
                O *         \_______/
                                        <--- Total-space --->
          water                                 |
        )---------(                             V
      /        O  * \  <-- reflection
    /  *  O *         \
   (   pot-space       )
     \                / <--- pot

4.      Some heavenly bodies are shown reflected on the water surface,
        what are they analogous with?

5.      If the water surface is disturbed, the reflection of these bodies
        will not be clear, but hazy or distorted. What is that analogous

6.      In theory it was said that aakaasha reflected in the cloud is
        analogous with Ishvara. What is analogous with the cloud itself?

7.      In what way/s this analogy is inadequate/limited as far as
        discussion about jiiva, kutastha, Ishvara, brahman is concerned?

(No grading of the quiz.)

-- Himanshu

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