Shruti and logic

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Tue Feb 26 11:21:33 CST 2002

>From gauDapAda kArika, SankarA's introductory commentary
>to Chapter 3 i.e., advaita prakaraNa.
>advaitaM kim AgamamAtrENa pratipattavyam AhOsvit tarkENApi
>ityata aha - SakyatE tarkEnApi  j~nAtuM; tatkathamityadvaita-
>prakaraNam ArabhyatE....
>Swami NikhilAnanda's translation.
>Now it is asked whether nonduality can be established only by
>scriptural evidence or whether it can be proved by reasoning as well.
>It is said in reply that it is possible to establish nonduality by
>reasoning as well. How is it possible? This is shown in this chapter
>of Advaita.

But the thrust of the chapter is something else - it is about how the
individual soul can be the same as other souls - like space in jars.

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