World-view as dream

V. Chandrasekaran venkatraman.chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Wed Dec 11 21:31:39 CST 2002

> Sri Raghavendra wrote:
> Does 'will' exist in the dream?

If there is absolutely no will in 'dream' then when a tiger
chases me I could sometimes get killed. right? But the fact
that this doesn't happen could mean that there is a mild will
behind the events in a dream too.. The unfavourable scenes in
dreams could be attributed to the pessimistic aspect of our
inner make-up. Persons who have a positive outlook will rarely
get unfavourable dreams, in my thinking.
But I agree the scenes in most of the dreams appear without a
direct control on our part. The dream could be bubbles coming
out of the memory floating up and coalesing together..


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