World-view as dream

Raghavendra hs_raghavendra at YAHOO.COM
Wed Dec 11 20:59:10 CST 2002


I have a question here. Does 'will' exist in the dream
? It is quite clear that while dreaming, it is as real
as the waking state itself. But then, in dreams,
events 'seem' to just unfold without our control. In
other words, we do not seem to be dreaming 'actively'.

Can somebody provide some Upanishadic references where
it says that karma performed during a dream also gets
the same fruits ? And if so, where do we get the
fruits ?

> It was a violent kind of Virtual Reality game where
> every player
> would have to get into a sword fight with virtual
> warriors. I was
> fitted with a sensor that I had to wear on my head
> and another device
> that would act as the sword in the Virtual world
> that I was  to
> enter. I fought and killed many virtual warriors.
> Later, I felt remorse for being so violent, even
> virtually. I did some
> gAyatrI japa and also japa of the pancha-rudra
> sUktas (from the R^ig
> Veda) to free myself from any sins.

In this case, I don't think any sin accrues because
this act was done knowingly in sport and it was 'known'
that no 'real' beings would be harmed. I put 'real' in
quotes because even when playing the game, you were
rooted in a more 'real' universe and aware of a
different and more 'real' universe and knew that you
were just sporting.

Similarly, when we play chess and take out a pawn,
since a pawn is analogous to a real soldier, can we
consider it to be causing sin ?

Thank you,

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