World-view as dream

V. Chandrasekaran venkatraman.chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Wed Dec 11 00:47:20 CST 2002

Dear Anand,
   Thanks for this piece of information about nAma-rUpa-kriyA being the
basic dimensions of all delusions.

> These are vexing problems in advaita.
> 1. Is the dream state in some way dependent on the waking state in
>    the sense a dream object is always based on waking state object(s)?

  After some thought and going through posts of various members here is
my thought:
  Dreams fall into three categories:
 1. Many a times the day's events show up in the dream (with a slight
    in our favour or disfavour depending on our mental make-up)
 2. Sometimes things of total chaotic nature appear too
 3. It can also be safely assumed that we may not remember all our dreams,
    even to the extent to know if we dreamt during that time or we were in

  Putting these 3 together can we say that dream is like "picture inside
picture"? The world is a cook-up and dream is another cook-up made out of
same substance. Dream can be thought of as a continuum of the waking state
as far as the delusion is concerned. Hence dream appears related to waking
state but actually it is related to something which waking state is also
related to... like two children of the same mother. The younger one
imitates the elder one to some extent.

> 2. Is the reality of a dream object "less" than the reality of a
>    waking state object?

  It's a paradox that while we think about our dreams in the waking state
we don't think about our waking state during dream state. We may dream
inside a dream, though. In this view, though dream seems less real than
waking state, finally the waking state is itself unreal and hence the
concepts of dream and conclusions about its reality all have to be equally
unreal. Isn't it?


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