World-view as dream

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Dec 10 21:04:43 CST 2002


A flying rug that requires only a magic incantation and no source of energy
input. It doesn't exist anywhere, except in the imagination that comes up
with fairy tales.

>Conceptualized objects like "horns of a hare" have a base in the
>world and cannot be considered as "absolutely non-existent".

I am not talking of the "horns" that are non-existent with respect to a
hare. I am talking of the non-existence of the hare that has horns. The two
concepts are quite different.

>>If we could not think of the non-existent, we could never have any
>>knowledge of the non-existent, the "atyanta asat".
>Not really. Non-existence/"nothing" is only relative and not absolute.
>"Nothing" has no value in itself and exists only in relation to something
>else. "There's nothing in this pot"  or "there's nothing in this room" etc.

This is back to epistemology vs. ontology. When we talk of the non-existence
of the horned hare, we are not limited by an epistemological statement
"There are no horns on this (or any) hare." We can make a valid ontological
claim, "A horned hare does not exist."

Then again, modern genetic engineering methods might well succeed in
creating a hare that grows horns, but that is ultimately only a
demonstration of the creative powers of the human imagination. And yes, this
is ultimately rooted in avidyA.


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