World-view as dream

Anand Hudli anandhudli at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Dec 9 06:28:44 CST 2002

A point about karma and results of karma. Vidvan Shri Ranganath Sharma
pointed this out in his talk on the avasthAtraya during a day long event
hosted by the Hebbur Math. Any karma performed even during a dream
will have fruits according to the karma. For example, we hear people
swear, "I wouldn't lie even in a dream", etc.

I myself was quite embarrassed once in the US when I visited the
Virtual Reality center in Disney World, just a couple of months
before I left the US for good.

It was a violent kind of Virtual Reality game where every player
would have to get into a sword fight with virtual warriors. I was
fitted with a sensor that I had to wear on my head and another device
that would act as the sword in the Virtual world that I was  to
enter. I fought and killed many virtual warriors.

Later, I felt remorse for being so violent, even virtually. I did some
gAyatrI japa and also japa of the pancha-rudra sUktas (from the R^ig
Veda) to free myself from any sins.


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