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>I have a question here. Does 'will' exist in the dream
>? It is quite clear that while dreaming, it is as real
>as the waking state itself. But then, in dreams,
>events 'seem' to just unfold without our control. In
>other words, we do not seem to be dreaming 'actively'.

It was mentioned by Sri Sankara that at the time of dreaming we do really
think whatever is happening is true and we will react to the events very
logically and consistently within the dream.

In dream and deep sleep states if the body has any needs such as extreme
hunger, pain etc, we might as well wake up. In the absence of such pressing
needs, we do not really need to see real world objects because the physical
system is fully taken care of.

In dream, Taijasa will have access to all functions starting Name to Asha to
the extent they did not fully merge in Prana. We might call some one by name
or speak to someone, or we may decide to do something.
As will is lower than smara and Asha, there is no doubt 'will' exists in

>Can somebody provide some Upanishadic references where it says that karma
>performed during a dream also gets the same fruits ? And if so, >where do
>we get the fruits ?

I love to see a reference confirming this. Deep sleep state is a causal
state, so only cause exists in that state. But in Taijasa (dream) and Vishva
(waking state) both cause and effect exist. So for every karma there has to
be phalam.

Deep sleep state being the cause for (creation of) waking and dream states,
it is also the cause for their destruction. So deep sleep state actually
works like medicine and eliminates many of these karmas and phalas, so we
need not worry too much about them. Again, when we wake up we may get back
into the world of karma from whatever smara we have. We need to only worry
about is re-created when we get out of deep sleep.

>>I fought and killed many virtual warriors.
>In this case, I don't think any sin accrues because this act was done
> >knowingly in sport and it was 'known' that no 'real' beings would be
> >harmed.

There will be result, either merit or sin unless it has been washed out by
deep sleep.

>Similarly, when we play chess and take out a pawn, >since a pawn is
> >analogous to a real soldier, can we consider it to be causing sin ?

If the result remains as memory or Asha, yes, in the sense if we still worry
about the game we lost or if we still want to play another game and win.

But if the result is absorbed by deep sleep state, no. In this case, the
essential skill of the game we played is absorbed by Prana
(involtary/autonomic) system, and gives us the state of awareness that
Prajna or Saguna Brahman has, so there is no merit or demerit.

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