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Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 6 13:16:04 CST 2002

I apologize I don't mean to throw a spanner.

Use of English words like mind introduces some confusion. The English word
"mind" is used to denote anything and everything done by the brain. It may
also include some functions of "heart" or there may be some control coming
from "soul". This terminology will take us nowhere.

Ch.U.7 lists a hierarchy of terms used in our traditions. The list is : Name
(naamaH), Speech (vaak), Mind (This mind is manas, not the mind from English
dictionary), Will (sankalpa), Intelligence (chit), Meditation (dhyaanam),
Understanding (vijnaanam), Strength (balam), Food (annam), Water (Apah),
Fire (Tejas), Space (AkashaH), Memory (smarah), Hope (Asha), Vital force or
Life force (Praana).

The manas is what imagines, by relating two objects. It can create strange
creatures by adding dynosaur tail to an elephant or ading wings to a Hippo.

But Memory (smara) is many levels higher than manas. It is smara which
prompts the manas in its imagination and controls it. Every neuron that
stores information and instructions is smara.

Manas is simply a lower power center which just manipulates the memories to
create new creatures.

But praana is higher than smara. It is praana which moves all around  (like
the flash flood I mentioned) in the body by splitting into five parts
(praana, apaana, vyaana, udaana, samaana). It is praana which activates
smara according to its will.

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