World-view as dream

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 6 13:26:32 CST 2002

Praana goes from place to place on its own will and sees things. (Praana
moves due to "potential" difference, but this movement is itself an
illusion. When this illusion is removed we will reach advaita.)

Whatever objects praana sees are stored in smara. (Smara is also an
illusion, why do we have to remember anything at all if we have the ability
to see it again?)

manas ruminates on the various smara's in waking state (when we force
ourselves to imagine) or in dream state (without our effort). So for the
manas the smaras alerady exist as "material knowledge". So the observation
that manas can only imagine is what is already known correct. But we can
create new smaras using Asha (hope) for something better. (We can also
deconstruct hope into advaita, but it needs some effort.)

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