World-view as dream

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 6 12:32:30 CST 2002

>The problem with this is about where to draw the line with respect to the
>parts that constitute the whole in the dream. The mind can certainly think
>of absolutely non-existent entities, both in waking state and in the dream


Conceptualized objects like "horns of a hare" have a base in the experential
world and cannot be considered as "absolutely non-existent".

>If we could not think of the non-existent, we could never have any
>knowledge of the non-existent, the "atyanta asat".

Not really. Non-existence/"nothing" is only relative and not absolute.
"Nothing" has no value in itself and exists only in relation to something
else. "There's nothing in this pot"  or "there's nothing in this room" etc.

There's nothing which we know of that is absolutely non-existent - that's
the reason nihilism itself is logically untenable.

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