World-view as dream

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 6 10:14:37 CST 2002

As per Mandukya Upanishat with Gaudapaada kaarikas by R.K.Mission, the
observer in the dream state (Taijasa) is higher than the observer in waking
state (Vishva). I am not sure about the source of this statement.

(This concept is opposite to western paradigm. In the book "Godel, Escher,
Bach" by Hofstadter, the author assumes reality as waking state, and uses
the concept of PUSH to get into a dream world and PULL to get back into
reality. Within the dream state one can do another PUSH get into another
dream within the dream and so on.)

Vishva can only use existing blocks of real world materials to construct
anything. As Taijasa is higher than Vishva, naturally the creative power of
Taijasa is higher than that of Vishva.

I owe a detailed reply to Sri Srikrishna.

Best reagrds

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