World-view as dream

V. Chandrasekaran venkatraman.chandrasekaran at NOKIA.COM
Thu Dec 5 23:48:40 CST 2002

In dream when we see an *unprecedented* thing, the creation of that image
can only be due to the sUkshma budhdhi (which is latent during dream state).
Hence people of different intellect see different kind of dreams. If this
is the case with the limited jIva during sleep, we can say that the force
of mAya acts as the sUkshma budhdhi to the Iswara who pervades all and acts
as a single being, and causes this world-view filled with exotic objects.
Can we?

This way, a new creation/object can be attributed to a creative entity
which is budhdhi in dream and mAya in waking state. Creation being anaadhi,
no primordial material knowledge could be traced as cause. Is this a correct


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