World-view as dream

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 5 19:25:20 CST 2002

>Sure. But even those imagined objects have to have some base in the
>experential world for the mind to be able to envision them. For eg even in
>an non-existent example like "horns of a rabbit" we have experienced horns
>and rabbits (albeit seperately) and that's the base on which the
>non-existent example is conceptualized. Even planes were "dreamt up" with

The point still remains that the entity "hare with horns" has no material
referent in waking reality.

>birds in mind. Simply put it seems that the mind can only think of that
>which exists - atleast in parts.

The problem with this is about where to draw the line with respect to the
parts that constitute the whole in the dream. The mind can certainly think
of absolutely non-existent entities, both in waking state and in the dream
state. If we could not think of the non-existent, we could never have any
knowledge of the non-existent, the "atyanta asat".


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