World-view as dream

nanda chandran vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Dec 5 10:33:58 CST 2002

>One object does not become another object. One object does not cause
> >another object. Even the perception of one object does not cause
> >perception of another object.

We have to clearly distinguish between perception, thinking and knowledge.

On a related note, even Shankara himself on multiple occasions asserts the
existence of reality on the grounds that the very fact that the mind is able
to envision reality, proves its existence.

Also note Bhartrhari, the sphotavaadin's, assertion that the mind cannot
think without words/language - thought and language is interdependant on
each other. Do languages have words for the absolutely non-existent - those
objects which have no relation to the objects of our experential world?

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