Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Fri Aug 30 16:34:17 CDT 2002

>> From the standpoint of worldly reality, they
>> indeed are meaningless.
>Not if it is claimed that the braHman controls
>"worldly reality".

Kiran, it seems to me you are tying yourself up into knots needlessly. I'll
try to make it a simple algorithm for you.

     brahman does not control worldly reality,

     all your tests are pointless.
        If brahmavit == brahman, then brahmavit does not control worldly
     reality either.
        If brahmavit =/= brahman, there is no reason to believe that a
     brahmavit can control worldly reality either.

     brahman has chosen to control this worldly reality in one particular
     way, right?
        Now, if brahmavit == brahman, brahmavit tells you, "this is what I
     have chosen, and I have no desire to change anything about it. I know
     that I am brahman, and I don't need your certificate for it. If I feel
     like changing something, I'll do so. I won't change anything just to
     satisfy your whims and fancies. I am the abode of all powers, not you.
     Do not mess with powers beyond your understanding."
         If brahmavit =/= brahman, then brahmavit does not control worldly
     reality, and cannot cause any changes in it.

So, you see why all your supposed tests are ultimately meaningless?

Best wishes,

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