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Fri Aug 30 15:55:41 CDT 2002


>> Brahman indeed doesn't control "worldly reality",
>> since at the paramarthika
>> level, nothing other than brahman exists, and
>> Brahman is actionless. At the
>> vyavaharika level, Ishvara controls the world. It is
>> also true that Ishvara
>> is Brahman, but the two states should not be
>> confused.
>What exactly do you mean by "the two states should not
>be confused?" Please explain.

Ishvara = brahman seen as endowed with gunas from vyavaharika level
Brahman = Atman = nirguna, seen from paramarthika level
Atman != Ishvara at vyavaharika level (!= is not equal to)
Brahman = nishkriya, Actionless
Ishvara = performs action so that people don't get submerged in tamas
Ishvara = controls "worldly reality"
Brahmavid = Brahman in paramarthika level
Brahmavid != Ishvara in vyavaharika level

==> Brahmavid = actionless (no running 100m in 2s etc)

>> >1: if(capable=true)
>> >2:  {
>> >3:   ask("Dear Sir, will you do it?");
>> >4:   if (answer=no)
>> >5:    {
>> >6:    ask("Why not?");
>> >7:    }
>> >8:   else /*answer=yes*/
>> There can be a third response to this question,
>> which is silence, and this
>> would be the typical answer of a Brahmavid to most
>> people.
>Why don't you see that there are only two
>possibilities? It's a simple yes/no question. He
>either can or he cannot. Period.

Maybe he can (or cannot) run 100m in 2s, but doesn't have the inclination to
answer your question, or show you. Result: you are left without knowing
whether He is really liberated or not, and He remains a Brahmavid.

> I assumed in my previous mail that your "silence"
> answer is for the "if" on line 1. I now get a feeling
> it is for the "if" on line 4.

No, it is for the "if" on line 1. On lines 1 & F, you have written:

1: if(capable=true)
F: else /* capable=false */

I presumed that you are resolving the question of capability by asking the
brahmavid. You have assumed in lines 1 and F that there are only two
responses, yes and no. I proposed a third, namely silence.

>Silence is not an

Yes it is. Silence is the Highest Answer.

Sruti smRti purANAnAm Alayam karuNAlayam
namAmi bhagavatpAda Sam.karam lokaSam.karam


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