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> Ishvara = brahman seen as endowed with gunas from
> vyavaharika level
> Brahman = Atman = nirguna, seen from paramarthika
> level
> Atman != Ishvara at vyavaharika level (!= is not
> equal to)
> Brahman = nishkriya, Actionless
> Ishvara = performs action so that people don't get
> submerged in tamas
> Ishvara = controls "worldly reality"
> Brahmavid = Brahman in paramarthika level
> Brahmavid != Ishvara in vyavaharika level
> ==> Brahmavid = actionless (no running 100m in 2s
> etc)

Enter Swami Vivekananda from page no. 154, para
12(chapter "India-Cause of Her Degeneration") of the
book "Teachings of Swami Vivekananda", Advaita

"The Lord has shown me that religion is not in fault,
but it is the Pharisees and Sadducees in Hinduism,
hypocrites, who invent all sorts of engines of tyranny
in the shape of doctrines of Paramarthika and
Vyavaharika. (V.15)."

What are we getting into?


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