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Tue Aug 27 19:05:30 CDT 2002

Hari Om !!

--- Kiran B R <kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM> wrote:
> What I am trying to bring about in this apparent
> nonsensical argument is this

It is not apparent non-sensical argument; it is really
non-sensical argument.

>- that the braHman (and
> hence braHmavid) of my definition not only
> transcends
> Maya, but also controls it. Hence, there is nothing
> impossible for him in Maya. He can freeze water by
> boiling, run 100m in 2s and fare 100/100 in Dutch
> vocab tests among others.

> If he cannot, I'm afraid he's not gone very far from
> where he started, since he still has to bow down to
> Maya.

He will ask you what is 'mAyA' ? Based on this can you
conclude that he has to bow down to mAyA ?

>If on the other hand he passes through a few
> of
>  those tests, I will test his body no more.

By this you are agreeing that you are testing his body
and not his brahmanhood. Right ? If Brahmanhood does
not belong to the body, then why are you asking a
brahmavid to perform body feats.

So, whether it be brahmavid or not you can keep giving
your tests to everyone you see. (if they do not run
away from you, by mere sight.)

Looking for expression in body for one's brahmanhood
is like asking Srikrishna is eating 3 times a day,
then why is Kiran hungry.

>I will
> ask
> him how he acquired those skills. If he says he
> acquired those skills by way of acquiring
> braHmavidyA,
> I will accept that he has "become" the braHman.

What else can you do anyway ?

> he
> says he acquired them by mastering a vidyA which has
> nothing to do with braHmavidyA, and that the
> braHmavidyA package doesn't enable him to fare well
> in
> those tests, I will immediately conclude that he
> hasn't acquired braHmavidyA.
Another false argument: If he tells you that he
acquired the ability to see far by wearing telescopic
glasses, you conclude that he can not hear !!! It is
more sensible to ask if he is a brahmavid or not
directly, than make false derivations and conclusions.

If the enlightened have to follow your rules and
interpretations, then they should be called
kiranbudhivid than brahmavid.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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