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Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Wed Aug 28 02:41:03 CDT 2002

> He will ask you what is 'mAyA' ? Based on this can
> you
> conclude that he has to bow down to mAyA ?

You got me wrong. I'll show him that water boils on
heating and ask him if he can do anything thing about
it! If he admits that he can't do anything about it, I
will conclude that he has to bow down to Maya. If he
asks what is water and what is boiling, I'll conclude
that he is wrapped in more layers of Maya than anyone
I've ever met.

> >If on the other hand he passes through a few
> > of
> >  those tests, I will test his body no more.
> By this you are agreeing that you are testing his
> body
> and not his brahmanhood. Right ? If Brahmanhood does
> not belong to the body, then why are you asking a
> brahmavid to perform body feats.

I defined the braHman earlier. It is He who is beyond
Maya and controls it. Needless to say, He must be able
to control his body too. And run 100m in 2s. And
freeze water by boiling too. And get good grades in
Dutch vocab tests.

What ways do you suggest in which one can test
brahmatva, other than testing the body? Give examples
of ways which are removed from the body. Knowledge is
also body, remember! There is nothing specialy divine
about knowledge. It's just a modification of "anna".

If you don't test the body (and by that I mean sThoola
sookShma kAraNa sharIraaNi), you cannot test anything.
Like the bull in that Fanta ad, you'll have to nod
your head and accept every idiot's braHmajnAna.
Perhaps of even the bull in the Fanta ad. Perhaps of
Ben Johnsons who can run 100m in about 9.8s.

> So, whether it be brahmavid or not you can keep
> giving
> your tests to everyone you see. (if they do not run
> away from you, by mere sight.)

Ha ha, you've got a good sense of humour, mate!
bheeShaasmaad vaatah pavatE! bheeShOdEti sooryaH!

> Looking for expression in body for one's brahmanhood
> is like asking Srikrishna is eating 3 times a day,
> then why is Kiran hungry.

I would have put that question to you if you were
known to "be" a braHmavid (and hence braHman).

> If the enlightened have to follow your rules and
> interpretations, then they should be called
> kiranbudhivid than brahmavid.

Statutory warning: "Following Kiran is injurious to
braHmavids. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health."


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