Summary (of "Question", "braHmavid=Krishna?" series of mails)

Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Tue Aug 20 04:59:15 CDT 2002

Dear Friends,

I am stopping further discussions on this subject
because I cannot decide if all these mails have given
me a concrete answer to my question. But I will clear
a doubt of Sri Jagannath in this mail.

> I was right wasn't I when I surmised that Swami
> Vivekananda's Jnana Yoga was definitely not the only
> book you read before coming to the forum.

Unfortunately, you weren't right. It's difficult to
get over first impressions, isn't it?!

I never said that Swami Vivekananda's Jnana Yoga is
the only book I've read before coming to the forum!
Please refer to my mail. I said "Advaita" is my first
brush with religion. I am including that part of my
mail here:

As Sri Jagannath wills, I will first spend a few words
on why I came to Advaita at all. It was basically
because of the analytical manner in which Swami
Vivekananda has explained the Universe in his book
Jnana Yoga. Advaita is really my first brush with
religion, and my knowledge of it is really in its

I hope things are clear now. If my words seem
arrogant, it is because of looking at them as attacks
against established beliefs. So I urge you to kindly
look at them logically, without resorting to any
character-evaluation of the author(me).

I ask these questions because of ignorance, and you
have to believe me when I say so. It would be a waste
of time if I didn't have genuine reasons to ask these

> You understand things pretty well. Our problem is;
> it
> is easy to treat the ignorant but it is very
> difficult
> to deal with learned ignorance.

Very true. It is not just your problem, it is the
problem of all human beings. It is only because of
"learning" that we're in bondage!


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