Summary (of "Question", "braHmavid=Krishna?" series of mails)

Kiran B R kiranbr at ROCKETMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 19 09:49:45 CDT 2002

Dear friends,

At this state in the discussion, I want to summarise
what has going on (as I have understood):

1. I asked the following question: After attaining the
braHman (or sajujya mukthi or whatever is the ultimate
state attainable through advaita), will I be capable
of changing the rules of this maayaa (for eg the rules
of Physics)? For example, will I be able to freeze
water by boiling?

2. In response, some explained that these powers are
useless on the path to mukthi or atmic progress.

3. Some others cautioned that a true seeker must not
be swayed by these powers even if they are attained.

4. Gradually, some semi-confident NO's came up. And
some semi-confident YES's came up.

5. There was only one 100% confident YES, and the path
suggested was that I do tapas on Narayana and ask him
whatever powers I want. That was Sri Srikrishna's

I still want to know what Sri Shankaracharya's answer
to this question is. In which work(s) of Sri
Shankaracharya can we see it? I have not seen it in
the following works (that doesn't mean that they are
absent from them, given my limitations!):

     - vivEkachUdAmani
     - AtmaboDha
     - aparOkShAnubhUti
     - vAkyavR.tthi
     - laGhuvAkyavR.tthi
     - bhagavadgItAbhAShya
     - taitirIyabhAShya


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