Ishwara's Plan (Was: Re: Question)

Somik Raha somik at YAHOO.COM
Sun Aug 18 21:06:44 CDT 2002

Ashish Chandra wrote:
A jivanmukta can do anything because he is Brahman. But what he does is in
accordance to Ishwara's "plan". 

This is interesting - I have come across this elsewhere and have been trying to understand it. Ive known some masters who were reknowned as jivanmuktas, great yogis. Yet, they never never performed "miracles" - barring some exceptional circumstances - and that too in a very personal manner- which only the concerned devotee would understand. And they never claimed to have power to change the future or the course of destiny, though they did possess it.

When questioned, one such master kept mum about his power. When pressed, he reluctantly admitted that he could but would never do so against the Divine Plan - as it is forbidden. Only when there was Divine sanction for an action would he perform it. 

How does this idea fit in with Advaita philosophy - what is this Divine Sanction, Divine Plan ? Does this turn Brahman into an active entity with a will ? I hope my question isnt a naive one, apologies in advance if it is.

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