vidya S Jayaraman paanini at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 31 11:03:26 CST 2001

Incidentally When I asked this question from some
orthodox scholars in India I got this reply:
The explanation that the karmas are valid only in the
karma bhoomi and not elsewhere in the world.

I have another related issue :
Here in the US esp for paksha,nakshatra,titi etc most
people conveniently go by the Indian panchangam or
even worse by the weekday !

Esp in countries where there are different time zones
sun rise and sunset time cannot be reckoned as 6.00 or
6.30 how valid are the naazhigai,nakshatram and all
other calculations?

I also heard that a temple in London uses a panchanga
calculated there.

Any explanations for this and any almanacs available
in the US?


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