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>I also heard that a temple in London uses a panchanga
>calculated there.

Kanchi maTha has a panchanga specially computed for New York with
corrections to other major cities in the US. It is available from Hindu
Temple Society of North America. See also
This panchanga is printed from Jan-Dec. May be it is time we get the copy
for next year.

Besides these I think some commercial & free software for doing this
computations are available.

aside: On a lighter note

Soon we will colonize space and I am sure some brahmaNa-s will go to Mars
etc, try to do these karma-s. It is better to adapt and capture the spirit.
Idea is to indicate the location in space-time. May be we should start
using star-date, etc. (at least till Borg assimilates us).


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Talking about sandhyavandanam, are there restrictions on where to discard the water? For instance, I don't discard water on tulsi plant..
Considering the fact that some of us live in apartments where we don't have easy access to plants, what would be an alternative?

Thanks in advance,

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