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Prasad Balasubramanian <besprasad at COPPERCOM.COM> wrote:
> I'm mainly asking this question because, many who  "hurt"  others
>physically,orally or by some means no way know the effect of their act of
>hurting in others. They even feel elated sometimes. Probably "hurting" is
>not the best word to bring all possible kinds of bad deeds under it. But
>second one who  is affected, is extremely hurt/feeling sad/dejected with
>kinds of the negative emotions.
> Understanding this, we can make our life simpler, if at all its possible.
>If the question is far from our mailing list's set of topics, kindly excuse

Say person X while interacting with person Y, performs an action A.
Further suppose that Y perceives the action A negatively. What you
ask is: "What effect, this action A will have on the future experiences
of X ?". (Karma is the collective effect of past thoughts and actions
on the future experiences of the concerned person).

It basically depends on how X perceives the action. On the state of
mind of X. How Y perceives A cannot affect, the karma of X. However
if the perception of Y, influences the perception of X, then in that
case the fact that Y perceived the action negatively will accrue as
a negative karma for X. The amount of negative karma accrued is
related to the amount of influence of Y on X's perception. If X
executes the act A, while being established in the Self, there
is no possibility of accruing negative karma, irrespective of how
Y might perceive the act A. This is in a sense the gist of Gita.

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