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> Correct attitude will come from sharaNaagati and jnAna.

 The original question is indeed a very interesting one, and I think
Ravi's note hit the nail on the head - it will definitely come only
from sharaNaagati.
 Consider for example the discussion between vaali and Shri Raama after
Shri Raama has just killed the former. (I am quoting this from memory
of a discourse, so please do check this story and the elucidation in
Shri Anantharaama dikshidhar's book discussing the raamaayaNa - I think
this explanation actually in his discourse comes when he is explaining
sundara khanda).
 Vaali asks Shri Raama to justify how it is right to kill someone when
not not attacked directly and that too from hiding ... Shri Rama is
said to have replied that it was because of Vaali's mis-deeds to
Sugriva etc. But Vaali, who was himself quite a learned man, says that
such behavior is sinfull and vengeance is not be taken my man. Vaali,
in his arrogance forgot that he had done the same to Sugriva earlier
... in anger, he is said to have cursed the Lord and then died.
However, Tara, Vaali's dutiful wife asks the same question of the Lord
in a form of surrender to Him, and in return gets the Tara Gita - to
answer to the fundamental question in brief, the Lord is said to have
explained that to take vengeance is not the duty of a man but of the
phala daata - the Parama Purusha Himself, and that it was the reason
why Sugriva failed in his first attempt to defeat vaali, but after
completely surrendering to Shri Raama, Shri Raama did the job on
Sugriva's behalf.

 Actually, Anand Hudli posted a series of posts in April 1998 on the
tAra gita. Please take the time to read it.

 As an interesting aside, this episode of sharaNaagati by Tara is said
to be one of the few places where the Lord is said have revealed his
"avataara rahasyam" - the secret that He is actually the Paramatma
Himself and not a man. The other places are said to be to Ahalya and
Sabari. The case of Vishvamitra and Vasishta knowing the Raama was
Paramatma was due to their tapas ... these women got it by shraNaagati
alone. If you look at the RaamaayaNa, Mandodari, Ravana's wife also
appeals to Shri Raama and goes to Shri Raama for sharaNaagati - in his
discourse, Dikshidhar says that these women, as well as Draupadi, the
wife of the Pandavas, by their humility and devotion, have attained a
unique place for themselves. Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, TAra, Mandodari
are actually considered as "kanya" and not "stri" although they all had
husbands - it is said to be because of their devotion to Him. Even in
the case of the Gopis of Vrindavan, they were still considered only as
dutiful wives to their respective husbands in spite of their devotion
to Shri Krishna, but these five alone are "kanya's" - The example given
in the case of Draupadi is that, when the game of dice was played, not
even one among the five brothers appealed to Shri Krishna for help,
since they thought He was in Dwaraka and hence could not help them, but
Draupadi, knowing Him to be capable of help even from Dwaraka, asked
help from Him. That is true sharaNaagati.

 sharaNaagati alone will help us. Not any other.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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