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>  Understanding this, we can make our life simpler, if at all its
> possible.
> If the question is far from our mailing list's set of topics, kindly
> excuse
> me.

It is indeed a relevant post and very interesting question.

In general, advaita-l has become more tolerant irrelevant posts (like
the one Karthik sent about christianity). Not a good sign though.

I hope some one will answer your question well. There is a very
interesting discussion on karmashaya and what prompts rebirth etc in
hariharaananda aaraNya's translation vyAsa bhaashhya of yoga suutra-s.
But it is from a saankhya view point. I will check today to see what he
has to say about your question.

My view is we have a definite amount of purushhaakara*. So the argument
other person's puurva karma made him deserve that hence I acted
violently will not hold. The impressions (positive or negative) will
add to both the  parties. Unless a correct attitude is taken towards
that situation, the cycle will continue.  Correct attitude will come
from sharaNaagati and jnAna. That will lead one to the state mentioned
in the verse.

yastu sarvANi bhUtAni atmani eva anupashyati
sarva bhuteshhu chAtmAnam tato na vijugupsate

There is a very nice story in sai sat charita which indirectly touches
the crux of your question.  I will try to send you the link of that
chapter by private mail  if you want.


* Even to remain as a witness and be unaffected by the course of events
one has to exercise purushhaakara and practise.

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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