Prasad Balasubramanian besprasad at COPPERCOM.COM
Thu Oct 11 16:00:42 CDT 2001


In a bad deed done to one by the other - Does the Karma count of the first
(whos doing the bad deed) increase   always  (because hes doing a bad deed)
OR His (bad) Karma count does not go up as  He is doing what hes supposed to
do (in return to Purva Jenma Karma equation between these two had to be
solved) ?  How do we know whose count is going up or coming down ? Is there
any standard way with which we can find this out ?

 I'm mainly asking this question because, many who  "hurt"  others
physically,orally or by some means no way know the effect of their act of
hurting in others. They even feel elated sometimes. Probably "hurting" is
not the best word to bring all possible kinds of bad deeds under it. But the
second one who  is affected, is extremely hurt/feeling sad/dejected with all
kinds of the negative emotions.

 Understanding this, we can make our life simpler, if at all its possible.
If the question is far from our mailing list's set of topics, kindly excuse

Shree Gurubhyo NamaH.

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