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>In a bad deed done to one by the other - Does the Karma count of the first
>(whos doing the bad deed) increase   always  (because hes doing a bad deed)
>OR His (bad) Karma count does not go up as  He is doing what hes supposed to
>do (in return to Purva Jenma Karma equation between these two had to be
>solved) ?  How do we know whose count is going up or coming down ? Is there
>any standard way with which we can find this out ?

Sir - there is nothing that he is supposed to do.  Human being with
intelligence has been given the choice of action - that is what is
classified as 'purushaartha'.  The puurva janma karma-s or the
actions of the past (previous lives included) only provide a given
environment for one to act.  What I have is the result of my past -
but what I do with what I have is my present action - I have three
choices at that time as an intelligent being - karthum shakyam,
akarthum shakyam and anyathaa karthum shakyam - to do, not to do or
to do another way.  It is true one is provided with an environment or
situation to act - but how he acts depends on his value system, his
culture and his education.  Bad or good is not entirely in the action
per sec but in the attitude in performing action.  Hurting to gain
selfish ends is bad - the same hurting for the benefit of the victim
is not bad - A doctor can cut his patient but only to help his
patient while a murderer can cut his victim but for his gain.  Action
being the same the good and bad is determined by the attitude or
purpose of the action.  There is no question of "he is supposed to
do' - He is finding an environment to act - but he can forgive his
victim or teach the fellow how to be good etc.  When a child
misbehaves, it is not that a parent has to beat the child - parent
has to educate the child out of love and if that involves a
punishment it is done out of love not out of vengeance. Prarabda is
what I have. purushaartha is what I do with what I have. Future
prarabda is past prarabda modified by my present action.

As a human every moment you are at cross roads and have to make an
intelligent choice - until you surrender that choice to higher when
you recognize it is He who acts and you are only an instrument in his
play -In that case He is accountable not you -  That choice of
surrender to the higher is also your choice.

>  I'm mainly asking this question because, many who  "hurt"  others
>physically,orally or by some means no way know the effect of their act of
>hurting in others. They even feel elated sometimes. Probably "hurting" is
>not the best word to bring all possible kinds of bad deeds under it. But the
>second one who  is affected, is extremely hurt/feeling sad/dejected with all
>kinds of the negative emotions.

One should not hurt anybody or any life form unnecessarily  for
selfish ends.  'sarva bhuuta hete rataaH' says Krishna - one should
be compassionate to all living beings - more so who or which cannot
defend themselves - like a child who cannot protect himself.
The best guide lines is - examine what would you expect the other to
do when you are in the victim's position - That is your dharma to do
- What you want other to do to you, it is your dharma to do others -
you want others to be kind to you, forgive your mistakes, be
compassinate towards you etc - and that is your dharma to do for
others.  And that you do not want others to do to you, you should not
do to others - you do not want others to hurt you , lie to you, steal
your property etc - Hence you should not do those to others.  It is
as simple as that - One evolves by following ones dharma, says

Hari Om!

>  Understanding this, we can make our life simpler, if at all its possible.
>If the question is far from our mailing list's set of topics, kindly excuse
>Shree Gurubhyo NamaH.

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