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On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Ashish Chandra wrote:

> Sorry for the delay in posting this.
> pa~nchamaM vidvatsa.nyAsaprakraNama
> evaM svarUpapramANasAdhanaprayojanairjIvanmuktirnirUpitA. atha
> tadupakAriNaM vidvatsa.nyAsaM nirUpayAmaH. vidvatsa.nnyAsashcha
> paramaha/nsopaniShadi prtipAditaH. tAM chopaniShadamanUdhya vyAkhyAsyAmaH.
> Translation: Thus [in previous chapter] Jivanmukti, along with its nature,
> evidence, means and purpose has been defined. Now, vidvat-sannyAsa which is
> subservient to jivanmukti is being defined. And vidvat-sannyAsa has been
> set forth in the Paramhamsa Upanishad, and quoting the same Upanishad, we
> [Swami Vidyaranya and the parampara he follows] shall explain.
> [ Quoted from Jivanmukti Viveka of Swami Vidyaranya translated by Swami
> Mokshananda, Advaita Ashram Press ]
> The chapter goes on to describe the defects present in the kevala-yogi and
> kevala-paramhamsa saying that the first could get attached to occult powers
> that come with yoga practice, and the latter transcends all injunctions and
> prohibitions "due to abundance of Brahman knowledge". However, the yogi-
> paramahamsa is one who always dwells in the Self alone. It is for becoming
> a yogi-paramhamsa, who ever dwells in Atman, that vidvat sannyas is
> prescribed.

Ok, it seems we actually agree on this topic.  A sannyasi is a sannyasi.
The difference between a vividisha and a vidvana is that the latter has
reached his goal and the former hasn't yet.

In the case of a householder who achieves jnana, sannyasa also
automatically follows.  Not to fulfill some ideological requirement but
because he is no longer interested in the affairs of the world.  Imagine
some person get jnana and the next day goes to his bos and says "I am
indifferent to profit and loss."  How long would he last before getting
fired?  Or if he said to his wife and children, "I regard you the same as
a cat's and dogs."  How long would that marriage last?  If you have truly
achieved jnana you will end up becoming a sannyasi whether that was your
intention or not!

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