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With reference to the conversation between Sadananda and Nanda, it seems
to me both have slightly missed the mark on one topic.  I think it is
exlained well by Prof. P. Sankaranarayana  in his English introduction to
the Shatabhushani.

"Much of the criticism of the Vishishtadvaitins is due to mistaking
mithyatva for for illusoriness or non-existence.  The world is mithya but
not asat.  Even the serpent in the rope-serpent illusion is pratibhasika
satya.  It is because it is *existent* that it *appears*.  The existential
aspect will endure til it is sublated by samyakjnana.  The same applies to
prapancha.  It will continue till mula ajnana is destroyed by tattvajnana."


"An aspect of the theory of avidya and mitthyatva is the important
question how Vedanta which, being part of vyavaharika world is mithya, can
produce tattvajnana.  In other words how can sat issue from asat? The
usual answer given to this is that dreams which are false portend true
events that are to occur.  This explanation does not satisfy the
objectors.  But the truth of the matter is: it is not the object seen in
the dream that portends the reality which is to follow; it is *knowledge*
of that object which has the character of truth.  But it is not bare
knowledge pure and simple, but knowledge qualified by the object that is
the cause."

The upshot is that it is not necessary to negate the world or peturbations
of the mind, They just have to be ignored.  Brahman will provide knowledge
of itself by itself.

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