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>On Wed, 15 Aug 2001, Ashish Chandra wrote:
>> I disagree a little Jaldhar. You have already read the Jivanmuktiviveka.
>> it you will find that even though Rishi Yajnavalkya had already attained
>> jnana, he still took vidvat sannyasa. You will notice how Sri Vidyaranya
>> describes this i.e. why should a jnani take vidvat sannyasa at all. I
>> look up the reference and post tomorrow but you can look it up if you
>Looking at the Jivanamuktiviveka again, I did make one error in my
>presentation.  Even the paramahamsa might only be a vividisha not a
>vidvan.  In other words, all jivanamuktas are paramahamsas but all
>paramahamsas are not necessarily jivanamuktas (yet.)
>I think I know which reference you are talking about.  Please post so we
>can discuss it.

Sorry for the delay in posting this.

pa~nchamaM vidvatsa.nyAsaprakraNama

evaM svarUpapramANasAdhanaprayojanairjIvanmuktirnirUpitA. atha
tadupakAriNaM vidvatsa.nyAsaM nirUpayAmaH. vidvatsa.nnyAsashcha
paramaha/nsopaniShadi prtipAditaH. tAM chopaniShadamanUdhya vyAkhyAsyAmaH.

Translation: Thus [in previous chapter] Jivanmukti, along with its nature,
evidence, means and purpose has been defined. Now, vidvat-sannyAsa which is
subservient to jivanmukti is being defined. And vidvat-sannyAsa has been
set forth in the Paramhamsa Upanishad, and quoting the same Upanishad, we
[Swami Vidyaranya and the parampara he follows] shall explain.

[ Quoted from Jivanmukti Viveka of Swami Vidyaranya translated by Swami
Mokshananda, Advaita Ashram Press ]

The chapter goes on to describe the defects present in the kevala-yogi and
kevala-paramhamsa saying that the first could get attached to occult powers
that come with yoga practice, and the latter transcends all injunctions and
prohibitions "due to abundance of Brahman knowledge". However, the yogi-
paramahamsa is one who always dwells in the Self alone. It is for becoming
a yogi-paramhamsa, who ever dwells in Atman, that vidvat sannyas is


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