Sanyasa and this world

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Surjit Dixit wrote:

> The issue that puzzles me is, going by this second stand, moksha for all
> would mean end of human population on this earth. I find this a bit
> difficult
> to digest. Is that what the divine has been aiming for with all his
> marvels?
> Or could there be something more that he plans?

Well, the earth doesn´t have any real existence in itself. The empirical world is a result from adhyasa (superimposition). In other words, when you through jnana get rid of ignorance and superimposition, then only brahman remains. So if every being attains moksha, then there is no superimposition. And since the universe and all the planets are results of the very same superimposition, there are --from the paramArtha standpoint -- no universe or planets . So total moksha can never results in anything such as an unpopulated Earth!

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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