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On Wed, 27 Sep 2000, Surjit Dixit wrote:


> The issue that puzzles me is, going by this second stand, moksha for
> all would mean end of human population on this earth. I find this a
> bit difficult to digest. Is that what the divine has been aiming for
> with all his marvels? Or could there be something more that he plans?

One way to think of moksha is in a negative sense, the stripping away of
all falsehood until only the essential kernel remains.  But it can also be
described in a positive sense I think as the state in which one is the
most fully human and most fully of this world.  We can find support in
shruti for this too.  In the Purushsukta, the Purush (who is Hiranyagarbha
or Saguna Brahman) is said to have a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and
a thousand feet.  Here sahasra doesn't literally mean 1000 but "a lot", an
infinite number.  The rk goes on to say "He covers all this and ten
fingers beyond."

With moksha we are not losing anything but gaining more than we could
possibly dream of.  Whether we speak of it in a negative or a positive
sense is really a matter of choice because comparisons between measures
on two different scales are not logically valid.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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