Sanyasa and this world

Surjit Dixit surjit at LCTN.U-NANCY.FR
Tue Sep 26 22:08:49 CDT 2000

Dear learned members:
I read with interest all the discussions that have been going on
the issue of moksha and its relation to sanyasa and further the type
of sanyasa that is needed to attain the goal.

There is one perspective whereby we perform our duty as a offering to
the divine and rejoice this life thanking the divine for providing
the opportunity to appreciate him. But here the problem is maya catches
up with you fast and you never really get out of the adhyaasa as such.

So now the second perspective addressing this problem puts forth the
jyana marg. With the knowledge that the divine is within you, make
an effort to perfect that, jump out of the adhyaasa in all the possible
ways you can ie starting with a physical sanyasa, move towards the goal
in persuit. From most of the discussions we could make out that this is
THE only method if you want to reach all the way upto the goal unless
have all the traits of Krishna within you.

The issue that puzzles me is, going by this second stand, moksha for all
would mean end of human population on this earth. I find this a bit
to digest. Is that what the divine has been aiming for with all his
Or could there be something more that he plans?

with best regards,

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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