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In Brahmasuutra notes, we just completed the discussion on Adhyaasa
bhashhyam and will be entering into the discussion of the sutra-s in
weeks.  Since the number of people participating in the discussions
are few,
there is a feeling that not many are interested in the notes.  I would
a feed back from all the readers to see to what level I should
continue the
notes.  I request all readers who are studying the notes along with me
respond frankly and freely so that I will have some idea who the
readers are
and to what extent it is catered to their needs.  The objective of the
is primarily for my own learning secondarily to share with others who
to study the notes with me.  References and discussions are provided
Shankara?s texts and hopefully the study of the notes will establish
our understanding of advaita Vedanta.  I was hoping there would be in
from other knowledgeable scholars on the topic of notes so that
could be a very good vehicle to learn from each other.  This of
requires commitment of time and effort, which is a luxury for many in
busy world.  But I firmly believe that sharing of our knowledge with
is essential aspect of our growing up, and we enrich ourselves in
process.  If you are studying or stopped studying after few notes, I
like to hear from you too.  Here are few questions I prepared but you
provide your input in any other way.  Positive or negative comments, I
like to hear from you.  I will like to hear your lack of interest in
notes too so that I am conscious of what percentage of readers I am
the notes for.   If I don?t hear from you, I will assume that you have
interest even in responding to the questionnaire.

1. I have been studying the notes regularly  __ yes   __ no.

2. I had previous background of Vedanta ___ yes ___ no

3. I had previous background of Brahmasuutra ____yes ___no

4. Clarity of the Notes ___ Very Clear
                                ____ so -so
                                ____ not clear

5. Use of Sanskrit      ____ Helpful for the notes
                                ____  obstructing the flow of logic
                                ____ can be ignored and notes is still clear

6. Sanskrit                    ____ completely should be excluded
                              _____ should be decreased to help my study
                              _____   continue at the current pace since
                                        it helps me to learn Sanskrit as well.
                             _____ I enjoy the Sanskrit part too.
7. I stopped reading the notes, because
                _____ I last interest
                ____  I don?t have time now, saving it for later study
                ____  Sanskrit turned me off.  If there is no Sanskrit I will
the study again.

8. The notes:           ____ logically presented.
                                ____ logic is not clear
                                ____ too much emphasis on logic

9.  The notes   ____ Too detailed
                ____ detailed but helpful to understand the logic
                ____ should be condensed to a bear minimum
                ____ should be more detailed

10 The notes            ____ should be continued at the same pace
                        ____ should be continued twice a week
                        ____ should be continued one in two weeks
                        ____ should be discontinued

11. General comments -Please feel free to express them -  about the
contents, quality and problems and suggestions for improvement.

Ravi - please forward this to advaitaL- list since I donot have access
the address from here. Thanks.

Hari Om!

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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