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Please note #5. This list is NOT for new-age stuff. Kindly read
the list goals and policies.



|| bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam ||

1. Goals of the List
Purpose of Advaita-L is to discuss advaita-vedAnta as taught by SrI
Sankara and the smArta sampradAya.  Through these discussions, we hope to
increase the understanding of our dharma from a traditional stand
point which shankara maTha-s uphold right from the time of their

2. List Policies

1) Advaita-L is a open and  unmoderated list. You are requested to use
self-moderation and care while you post your articles.

2) Discussions of Advaita-L center around advaita-vedanta as taught by
the Sankara sampradaaya.

3) Articles promoting bhakti within the framework of advaita-vedAnta
tradition are most welcome.

4) Discussion of nAstika philosophies such as Buddhism, Jainism, etc.,
are not allowed.  But scholarly articles comparing these traditions with
advaita-vedAnta are permitted, however, you must send them to the list
moderators for prior approval.

5) Focus of the list is also NOT on the new non-dual and neo-vedanta
teachings. But, scholarly articles comparing these traditions with
advaita-vedAnta are welcome.

6) Rude and offensive postings are not allowed. When you disagree with
someone, please be polite, impersonal, objective, and to the point. If you
are offended by any message posted on the list, please contact
listmaster at about it. We will try our best to resolve
the situation.

7) Administrators of the list reserve the final word on issues like
acceptability of posts. These decisions will be based on the list
scope. In case of doubt, knowledgeable members of the list will be

With regards,

List Administrators.

Jaldhar H. Vyas
Vaidya Sundaram
Ravi Mayavaram

listmaster at

bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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