Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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> Ah ok.  What does "sons of Krishna" mean exactly?

They are identified as `gopa', meaning that they were sons of Krishna by
the gopikA-s.

> > Also, the first choice was also offered to Arjuna for
> > having been "seen first" and also as the younger of the two.  Duryodhana

> I heard it slightly differently.  Krishna Bhagawan was in repose when the
> two arrived.  Arjuna sat quietly at Bhagawans feet while Duryodhana sat at
> His head and made a lot of noise waking him up.  So Duryodhana was spotted
> first.

That is not correct by the Mahabharata, however.  Refer chapter 7, verses
3 to 20 of the udyoga-parva (BORI edition).  Some relevant verses are:

(Vaishampayana narrating the background)

  tataH shayAne govinde pravivesha suyodhanaH  |
  uchchhIrshhatashcha kR^ishhNasya nishhasAda varAsane  || 6 ||

  Thus, while Govinda was sleeping, Suyodhana, having entered,
  took his seat beyond the head of Krishna.

  tataH kirITi tasya anupravivesha mahAmanAH  |
  prashchArdhe cha sa kR^ishhNasya prahvo.atishhThat.h kR^itAJNjaliH  || 7 ||

  Then the crowned one (Arjuna) of great mind, having  entered well;
  sat near the lower half of Krishna, with folded hands.

  pratibuddhaH sa vArshhNeyo dadarshAgre kirITinam.h  |
  sa tayoH svAgataM kR^itvA yathArthaM pratipUjya cha  |
  tadAgamanajaM hetuM paprachchha madhusUdanaH  || 8 ||

  Upon awakening, the Varshneya (Krishna), having seen the crowned one
  (Arjuna) first; did him greet, and also do the rites of welcome as
  required; Madhusudana inquired of him the reason he was come.

At this, Duryodhana objects since he had arrived first, he and Arjuna were
both kin to Krishna and thus should have been treated equally, etc. etc.
(verses 9-12).  Then:

(Krishna addressing Duryodhana)

  bhavAn.h abhigataH pUrvaM atra me nAsti saMshayaH  |
  dR^ishhTastu prathamaM rAjan.h mayA pArtho dhanaJNjayaH  || 13 ||

  That you arrived first, in this I have not the least doubt;
  however, O king, Partha, the `dhanaJNjaya' was first seen by me.

  tava pUrvAbhigamanAt.h pUrvaM chApyasya darshanAt.h  |
  sAhAyyaM ubhayoreva karishhyAmi suyodhana  || 14 ||

  On account of your arrival first, and his first being seen;
  help both of you indeed I shall, O Suyodhana.

  prAvaraNaM tu bAlAnAM pUrvaM kAryamiti shrutiH  |
  tasmAt.h prAvaraNaM pUrvamarhaH pArtho dhanaJNjayaH  || 15 ||

  That preference is first to be accorded to the younger, thus says
  the Shruti; therefore, first preference is to be given to Partha,
  the `dhanaJNjaya'.


Shrisha Rao

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