Can iishvara pull out a jiiva from bondage?

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On Mon, 13 Mar 2000, Shrisha Rao wrote:

> Two nits: first, the army offered was the `nArAyaNI-sainya' (literally,
> Narayana's army) led by Krtavarma and consisting of "sons" of Krishna. The
> Yadava army consisting of Pradyumna, Samba, Aniruddha, Balarama, etc.,
> stayed out of the war while Satyaki alone participated but on behalf of
> the Pandavas.

Ah ok.  What does "sons of Krishna" mean exactly?

> Also, the first choice was also offered to Arjuna for
> having been "seen first" and also as the younger of the two.  Duryodhana
> was however satisfied by the choice he was obliged to accept as he had
> been assured by the asura-s that Karna, with the power of Narakasura
> resident in him, would kill both Arjuna and Krishna.

I heard it slightly differently.  Krishna Bhagawan was in repose when the
two arrived.  Arjuna sat quietly at Bhagawans feet while Duryodhana sat at
His head and made a lot of noise waking him up.  So Duryodhana was spotted

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