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--- ShrI Sankaran Jayanarayanan <sjayana at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> couldn't follow dharma on all occassions. Personally, I feel the
> north-Indians were sissy as to allow themselves to be conquered by
> alien
> invaders.

  I feel that such rank chauvinism as displayed above is quite
distasteful and compeletely alien to the ideals of Advaita.
I am not all that sure about the "great warrior" stuff.  There was a
sultan in Madurai who was defeated by the Hoysala king.
The armies of Khalji ravaged the south ( yes, TN also, the land of the
"brave" ).  Far from "sissying" out, the Rajputs fought the invaders
valiantly.  If TN was less affected by the invasions it is due to the
fact that North and Central India stemmed the tide of the invasions and
only a trickle flowed to the deep south.

  Even later the Mahratta kingdoms placed a check on the mughal
expansion to the South.  There was even a Mahratta king in Thanjavur,
in the heart of TN.  Ironically, the "great warriors" theory expounded
recently in this list seems to be the exact reverse of the "martial
race" theory propounded by the British, which accorded only peoples
from the N. West India and the Gorkhas "martial" qualities.
Seems to me that Indians(southern and northern) were/are too busy
pointing fingers at each other about "sissiness" while the foreigners
have plundered us happily.  Let us atleast stop now.

  Besides, how does this relate to Advaita Vedanta?



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