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Kartik wrote:

>I still feel the Brahmins of Tamilnadu were "better" than those elsewhere
>after the Muslim invasion. But they were affected too, I guess, and
>couldn't follow dharma on all occassions. Personally, I feel the
>north-Indians were sissy as to allow themselves to be conquered by alien

Namaste Kartik :

I remember reading a book about partition once. IN it is described a scene
in a mosque. All the Hindus of the village have agreed to convert because
the other choice is a severed head. But that is not enough for the Maulvi.
There is a cow that is roasting on the premises and the neo-Muslims must
*demonstrate* that they are Momins by offering Namaaz and then tasting beef.
One of them, a Brahmin asks his tormentors that he be given time to go home
and intimate his decision to convert to his wife and kids. The Muslims think
this to be harmless and let him go with an escort. After reaching his house,
the Brahmin asks the escort to wait outside as he himself enters the house.
He walks up to his wife and children and slits their throats. Then he slits
his own wrist.

This is not fiction. This is a true story. Compound the circumstances with
adding a Muslim administration and you can probably understand there isn't
much choice. That Brahmins have remained in North India at all is itself
probably a miracle. One of the kings of Goa signed a treaty with the
Portuguese that specifically mentioned that the Portuguese will not kill the
Brahmins of the areas under their control in order to convert the local
population. Brahmins were percieved as the chief roadblock to the
proselytisation activity.

I only expect you to understand and appreciate the circumstances and
history, and not come to subjective conclusions.


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