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>I still feel the Brahmins of Tamilnadu were "better" than those elsewhere
>after the Muslim invasion. But they were affected too, I guess, and
>couldn't follow dharma on all occassions. Personally, I feel the
>north-Indians were sissy as to allow themselves to be conquered by alien

 "Being conquered by invaders" is not necessarily a North-Indian specialty.
  It has happened many times in history all over the world and in  India
 too. Even in the South, Hyderabad and Mysore, for some time, were under
 Muslim rule. We also hear of Muslim invasions in TamilNadu.  The North
 Indian conquest and subsequent destruction of Hindu culture is comparable
 to the Holocaust, according to some. It may well be so. But then we should
 also carry the analogy further and see what the Jews who suffered the
 Holocaust have done AFTER the Holocaust. They have built a remarkable
 Jewish civilization in one of the most hostile regions of the world! Other
 civilzations such as China and later Japan were subjugated during World War
 II. Again, these have re-built their reputation and continue to prosper
 today. Something like this has to happen in India regarding Hindu-ism. In
 other words, it is more important to concentrate on re-establishing the
 lost glory than just feel bad about having been conquered.


bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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