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On Fri, 15 Oct 1999, Bon Giovanni wrote:

> Please do not let my reply intrude, as I am neither a scholar nor a
> scientist-- I mean only to offer an opinion: it seems to me this is not
> about the Moon in the sky, but about the mind, and now it is darkened from
> spiritual wisdom, temporarily, by the serpents of ego/desire.

This is told in Bhagavat and other Puranas.

To get amrit which gives immortality, the Devas and Asuras had to work
together to churn the Mahodadhi or Milk Ocean.  When it came time to dvide
the amrit up, Vishnu Bhagawan took the form of Mohini and tricked the
Asuras out of their share.  Rahu the son of Simhika saw this and took the
form of a Deva.  The Sun and Moon saw this and reported this to Indra who
promptly cut of his head.  However he had already managed to drink a bit
of amrit so he bacame immortal.  Since then, the head (Rahu) and body
(Ketu) have been chasing after the Sun and Moon.  Luckily for us Rahu and
Ketu have so far failed to catch them. :-)

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