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> > The Rahu-ketu explanation was
> > the best explanation that the scientists of that time could come up with
>I have not studid jyotish to any great degree but I think Ancient Indians
>did understand the mechanics of eclipses.  Maybe not the very earliest but
>by Shankaracharyas time they did.

I disagree with Sri Jaldhar H. Vyas with respects. Ancient Indians did knew
what was eclipse. Rahu & Kethu are considered to be 'chaaya graha' or
'shadow nodes'.

'mahAsuraM ketum ahaM bhajAmi chAyagrahavaram '
'grahaNAdikAryakAraNaM grahApasavyasahncAriNam ' - from dikshitars navagraha

According to astrology it's very clear that Rahu & Kethu are not planets but
just points.  The place given to Rahu & Kethu in astrology is much more
scientific than we could imagine. They do not own any house and are not
considered to be planets.  Movement of Rahu and Kethu are totally dependent
on moon. They move in a reverse direction due to their nodal characteristic.
As this is not an astrological discussion I refrain from further
Interested members can browse
to understand the significance of the 'sankalpa' that we make before
commencing any ceremony.  This may help some to appreciate the astrological
and astronomical knowledge of ancient Indians.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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