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Dear asthikas,

I would like to share few thoughts on the 'tradition issue' that is being

The wheel of Sanathana Dharma revolves in the access alloyed with Shastra
and Sampradaya.

Shastra is some thing fixed. It can not change and should not change, and is
being accepted with in quotas by all sampradayas. Sampradaya is a system
that helps one practice the path that is laid down by shastras.

'sathyam vada' is shastra. If you change that to 'asathyam vada', the castle
of sanathana dharma collapses. Sampradaya is some thing that is partially
dependent upon time, life style, priorities and other issues of mankind. If
Shankara would have thought what was applicable at him time is ever
applicable, there is little reason for him to established mutts which are to
guide people through ages.

Worship of Devi called 'Vamaa chaara' was initially dharmic, but later it
went to a state that it had be revised to a great extent by Shankara to make
it shastra sammatha.

HH Chandra Sekarendra Saraswati Swamiji of kanchi wanted asthikas to give up
coffee, silk and vara_dhakshana totally. According to our tradition wearing
a silk garment is considered very auspicious.
Does his persuasion to give up silk garments a non-traditional approach. NO.

The point has to be seen in the present Indian context. From early 40's
coffee, silk and vara_dhakshana were the three major things that bugged
people's budget. Swami's point was 'you are forced to earn more to
accommodate unworthy things that makes life difficult '.

When tradition crosses dharma it has to change, and is being changed by
great souls.

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bhava shankara deshikame sharaNam

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