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Ganesh Deivashikamani ganesh_d at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 27 09:22:10 CDT 1999

Dear Advaitins

I somehow feel offlate List members are showing little tolerance or no
tolerance atall,this is how I feel following the discussions about the
authority of Vedas. For people like me who are the beginners this is very
You guys mean to say since Vedas Talk about Brahman which by its true nature
infallible without change and eternal and that which cannot be perceived
through ordinary sense thats why there is no real author for Veda and that
it is infallible and the only way ?
It also brings to our conclusion that if one reaches and realize onself in
the Brahman,which means he also have realized what there is to be realized
as said in Vedas then what difference does it make to one if he/she attains
the highest state whether by studying Vedas or realize the basic truth by
himself/herself (like say Sri Ramana Maharishi)
May be that person should check himself by studying Vedas to make sure what
he realized was that to be realized!!

please correct me if I am wrong!!

Hari OM

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