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Greg Goode goode at DPW.COM
Tue Jul 27 08:53:36 CDT 1999

In general, Gummuluru, I would like to thank you for the gentlemanly and
courteous tone of your post, which by any sophisticated standards,
displayed wisdom, insight, and good judgment.

At 11:24 PM 7/26/99 , Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

Now, the following are my personal views on the recent debate
>on consciousness. The debate started innocently enough with
>some genuine questions by Robert and genuine answers from other
>members of the List.  The debate quickly transformed into Robert
>being pushed into a corner and forced to make secondary statements
>(which have nothing to do with the original question or the topic)
>which were pounced on.

Yes, Robert's original question was about consciousness being the medium of
all human expression, and brain states being a key factor in
consciousness.  He didn't mention the Vedas at all in that question.

>  Not everyone on the List is as knowledgeable
>about the vedAs as some of the stalwarts on the List. It is my
>personal view that in such cases, the responses can be given with
>compassion and understanding rather than an unwelcome and
>unsympathetic put-down.

This has been repeatedly observed on this list.  Many people have left the
list, not because of religious or philosophical differences, but because of
the harsh character of some of the messages.  Is this harsh character,
displayed so openly, a good representation of advaita vedanta???  Do the
AchArya-s at the shankara maTha-s speak and behave this way towards?  I
don't know, but I sincerely doubt it!!!

>  If we are true believers of advaita, and if we practice advaita (apart
> from intellectual knowledge)...

Yes, *do we*???

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